ECL Systems Ltd. is a fast growing IT and Security Solutions entity. We have a vision to equip clients with the state of solution system for a smoother operation and help vanquish competition. Presently, ECL is working alongside with high profile clients from the private and public sector industries, bringing together leading brands in creating customized solutions to meet the demands of individual businesses. ECL designs, plans and implements system integrations with cutting edge technology that is steps ahead of its rivals to help clients monitor, control and record their business operations at all times.


ECL Systems Ltd. was established in 2015, originated by providing IT and security solutions to mid-level and small scale businesses. The aim of ECL since then has been to provide quality solutions that help in creating a trusted list of clients. In 2016, ECL began to expand the scale of operation by strengthening its customer base and with steady growth; ECL soon became a competitive firm in the industry attracting high profile clients with diversified needs.

The projects that ECL completed were not only successful but were also able to attract clients with the level of design and high quality implementation of these projects. From a small scale solution provider, ECL was growing rapidly with the intent of becoming a good solution provider for quality and trusted system solutions.

What we do

We at ECL, create positive solutions, integrating hi-tech security solutions in the hands of skilled and trained professionals to produce a service above and beyond its opponents. ECL has confidence in delivering a customized solution with the highest quality of service in all aspects of its business operations.

ECL has three Divisions of operations:

We pride ourselves in being the best at what we do, the services we provide, the products we use, the clients we serve and the employees we hire.

Our Areas of Expertise:

Consultancy Service
Advising clients on the most fitting solutions for their specific scenario.

Project Design and Implementation 
Creating Innovative Solutions and Executing the Design.

Project Management Planning 
Controlling and executing the work of clients to meet specific criteria. 

Turnkey Solutions 
Off the Shelf Solutions to satisfy clients with detailed requirements. 

Maintenance Services 
Providing clients with sustainable services to achieve a secured security system.