Cyber Threat Protection

Cyber security awareness is at an all-time high. Cyber threat is one of the most serious economic security challenges and economic prosperity depends on cyber security. It seems as though every day a shadowy organization makes cyber security threats and that these threats result in more and more cyber security attacks on enterprises, resulting in loss of confidential data, trust and money.

Cyber security is the set of "measures taken to protect a computer or computer system (as on the internet) against unauthorized access or attack." This broad and all-encompassing cyber security definition poses a significant challenge for enterprises; therefore, it is highly critical for enterprises to have an in-depth cyber security strategy and plan in place in order to provide the maximum level of protection from cyber security risks at not just the network perimeter but also the application layer.

We the ECL Systems Ltd. help customer to create an agile and predictive cybersecurity posture to mitigate cyber risks in today’s IT environment. To combat today’s sophisticated cyberattacks and meet organizational needs, you’ll need a multilayered approach to threat prevention. ECLs solutions enable detection and prevention of known vulnerabilities and advanced threats through multiple mechanisms: dedicated threat prevention appliances or specialized Software Blades.

By integrating business context intelligence, threat data and cyber insights from its team of specialized analysts, Paladion provides a complete spectrum of information risk management comprising of security assurance, governance, vulnerability management, monitoring, and security analytics to large and medium-sized organizations. To accomplish this, we provide the following services:

In the managed service mode, we provide remote or onsite management to bring the benefit of established, proven technologies and processes rather than trying to build it yourself.

  • Captive
  • On Premise
  • MSSP
  • CyberActiveCloudOps
  • CyberActive SOC
  • CyberActive VM
  • CyberActive GRC
  • CyberActive for DevOps
  • CyberActive SOC for ArcSight
  • CyberActive SOC for QRadar

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