Internet of Things

The Internet of Things (loT) refers to a system of interrelated, internet-connected objects able to collect and transfer data over a wireless network without human intervention.

Today, business is lot-motivated by the prospects of increasing revenue or reducing operating costs by improving efficiencies.

We, ECL Systems Ltd. Provide end-to-end loT Solutions that can be tailored for any need, helping making informed decisions, optimize operations, reduce costs and create new revenue streams.

Our loT Application Platform catered to the world of residential smart-connected living. Designed for home owners, residents, developers, operators and much more.

You can increase productivity and operational efficiencies. From security management to meeting room automation, cannot any device to control with voice, gesture or Smartphone. It can be installed in new commercial development or into any office space.

Home & Office Automation

Build you own sanctuary. From traditional homes to modern developments, we have various technology solutions to fulfill every home owner’s idea of a safe haven.

An ideal Home Automation system provides:

  • Unlocking the door
  • Switching on the lights and appliances
  • Bar uninvited guests at home by Access Control
  • Sensors at doors, windows & AC
  • 24/7 Surveillance System at your hand

All the Preventive measures above are designed to further reduce the risk of intrusion and burglary

Our solutions global partner:  

Variantz Asia Pacific Pte. Ltd.