IP CCTV Video Survialance

Are you looking for professional IP CCTV security with IP cameras as a part of your security solution?

We ECL system can help you with implementation of best IP CCTV security system.

We are professional as an installer of world class IP CCTV system with outstanding technical support.  We can give you both sales and pre-sales support as a reliable supplier of IP CCTV camera surveillance system installation and integration in Bangladesh.

Our Specialties in terms of IP CCTV Security System:

  • Extensive Experience in Designing a Proper IP CCTV Security System
  • Consultancy Service for CCTV installations
  • Professional installation of the CCTV system
  • 24/7 Technical Support
  • Working with Global Vendors
  • Certified Engineers

Modern Development of Surveillancy & Intelligent Solutions:

The role played by surveillance camera in recent past has been immense with the rise in global threats; some government in many countries have made CCTV mandatory at the working premises.  The companies not only require surveillance to safe guard their assets but use it as evidence that can be presented at courts of law.  This has pushed the limits of the technology involved in the design and techniques of video surveillance.

System Integration with other system:

Our IP CCTV surveillance can be integrated with other systems in creating a strong, unique and centralized CCTV solution. Surveillance system are often integrated with access control systems that can be designed and installed in a techniq1ue that it works on its own. IP based CCTV system integration helps in a centralized system that could be both controlled and monitored from various locations in a single premise or to connect many locations across the country that are in remote locations. The monitoring of premises in a variety of locations can be setup at the head office with a greater control of operations.