IP CCTV Video Survialance

North-West Power Generation Co. Ltd. (NWPGCL) focused on enhanced security solutions and Integrated Security Surveillance Networks for their 4 power generation plant at different geographical location in Bangladesh.

North-West Power Generation Company Ltd.

Project - NWPGCL IP Survialance:

We provided-

  • Optical Fiber Connectivity for long remote connectivity
  • Category 6 UTP Cable and Accessories
  • Layard Power Cable to Power Outlet
  • EarthLink ensure for each camera
  • Separate and dedicated Metallic Pole and Safety Equipment Box
  • 4 Megapixel Pan-Tile-Zoom enabled Speed Dome IP Camera
  • Hi performance Gigabit Network Switch
  • Gigabit Media Converter for Single Camera Connectivity
  • Hi Performance Network Video Recorder
  • Competitively Price
  • 24/7 Support Service & Maintenance